Fittings of the GasFlex system  are made of brass and they come outfitted with a dielectric protection consisting of PE washers placed inside the ridge of the fitting as seen in the attached picture  resulting in  no contact between the aluminum face of the pipe and the brass fitting, preventing electrical conduction and thus any potential galvanic corrosion between the aluminum and the brass.


There is no electrical conduction within the GasFlex pipe system, so there are no chances of electrical shock to persons who come in contact with the gas system.   However,  appliances connected to the gasflex piping system and an electrical system shall be grounded per electrical code.


Unlike CSST pipe, there is no electrical conduction within the gasFlex pipe system and there is no chance of electrical surge or pipe wall damage caused by nearby lightning strikes
However, bonding conductors between appliances and electrical service equipment enclosure is always recommended to keep all appliances at a common voltage.


The  composite structure  of gasFex  has a  burning resistance  similar to aluminum. With the test by the National Fire-proof Construction Material Quality Supervisory Test Center, the burning resistance of gasFlex  Pipe is proved to reach Grade B1 of GB8624 (ASTM E84).


The GasFlex piping system (TUBING AND ACCESSORIES) has been tested for operating pressures up to 125 Psig . DOMESTIC APPLICATIONS including 2PSI Systems. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS between 5 PSI and 25 PSI like high rise buildings mains , commercial , Industrial , agricultural, and underground according to the pressure limitations set forth by local pressure codes.
These working pressures have been subjected to the test protocol set forth according to ISO 17484 1 2006, ASTM F1282-03 and AS 4176.


The inside wall is  smooth and not corrugated like CSST flexible pipe, which gives gasFlex  much better flow characteristics.  The inside layer is reinforced with carbon black for superior abrasion resistance.

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